Earlier this week, you met high school basketball announcer Brian Snow from Chicago, who gave us Pump GUESS Women's Becool GUESS Becool Taupe Women's Pump GUESS Becool Taupe Women's a4W1vv on a game-winning 3-pointer from Marist High School’s Lexus “Hot Rod” Williams in its regional final game against Curie Metropolitan.  Snow received nationwide attention for his high-pitched, excitable screams of jubilation.  Believe it or not, underdog Marist pulled out yet another incredible upset as they advanced in the state tournament, defeating fourth-ranked Bogan in amazing circumstances Wednesday night during the Argo Sectional Semifinal.

In this game, Marist overcame a 10-point deficit with 1:10 left in regulation.  The clip below picks up the action with Marist down five with just over 20 seconds remaining.  That’s when the insanity begins.  First, Marist forces a turnover.   Then, L.J. McIntosh makes a long three.  After another steal, Nic Weishar completes the miraculous comeback with a layup, forcing overtime.  Naturally, Marist eventually pulled out the victory in overtime, winning 68-63.

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And once again, all of the action is accompanied by the passionate screams of Brian Snow, who has quickly become the most famous high school basketball announcer in America.  Listen to him shriek, “WE ARE TIED!  WE ARE TIED!  I DON’T BELIEVE THIS!!!”  “MARIST HAS COME ALL THE WAY BACK AGAIN!!!  DO YOU BELIEVE THIS?!?!” and my favorite, “IT AIN’T MIDNIGHT YET, Y’ALL!!!”

How could you not love this guy?  The second video is almost as good as the first and definitely takes a run at breaking the sound barrier once again.  So once more, be careful if you’re trying to listen with headphones.  

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Marist plays #1 Simeon on Friday night, could there possibly be another Marist miracle?  Maybe ESPNU can simulcast the game so we can all have the pleasure of watching live this time.

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